What is Jolt Time Clock?

With Jolt Time Clock, you can eliminate the headaches you experience with your current time and attendance system, and you get the additional benefits that come with an all-in-one, integrated system.

Jolt Face detection time clock

Why is Time Clock better in Jolt?

  • See who is clocked in and out from anywhere
  • Automatically takes a photo of the employee for each clock punch (eliminates buddy punches)
  • Record the geographical location of each punch
  • Missed punches require employees to make a note for management to facilitate payroll completion
  • Flag or prevent punches that are outside of the schedule
  • Easy export for payroll
Jolt Time clock integration with schedule

How does Jolt Time Clock work?

Your time clock data is available to you on almost any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. Your time and attendance information is immediately available in real time to your payroll department.

Jolt Remote access to time clock data

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