What is Jolt Logbook?

The Jolt Logbook is an extremely powerful communication tool for managers and employees alike. This gives your locations the power to centralize all communications and create a method for making sure the correct information reaches the correct individuals.

Jolt Logbook entry by employee

Why is Logbook better in Jolt?

Jolt Logbook provides a platform for you to house all of your communication in a more efficient way—allowing you to get better results from everyone in your organization.

  • Keep a journal of all important events
  • Centralize important communication
  • See who has read posts and when they read them
  • Visualize issues with picture and video
  • Flag posts for follow up
  • Discuss issues through linked comments
Jolt Logbook entry by manager

How does Jolt Logbook work?

With Jolt, your logbook is available to you on almost any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. You and your employees also have the convenience of using a single login to view the logbook for any relevant location(s).

  • Create log entries by themselves, or connect them to specific tasks
  • All entries are automatically date/time stamped with pictures of the author
  • Add comments, pictures, videos, flags, and resolution to the discussion
  • See who read a post and when they read it, with reader reports included on each thread
Jolt List of employees who read logbook

Uses for Logbook

The Jolt Logbook can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Here are just a few examples:

  • Unique situations that arise in your locations
  • Employee issues
  • Management communication
  • Employee communication
  • Equipment logs
  • Issues employees have completing tasks
  • One-time situations that require resolution
Jolt Logbook with comments

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