What are Jolt Announcements?

The Jolt Management System includes a fast and easy way to distribute information and policy changes to all your employees.

  • Keep everyone up to speed
  • Ensure that all employees view important notices
  • Quiz employees to ensure comprehension
  • Reporting on who has seen which announcements, and when they saw them
Jolt Announcement or memo to employees

Why are Jolt Announcements better?

Jolt’s Announcements are better than other forms of employee notices because they are displayed as an employee is clocking in for work. This eliminates the possibility of your important information being overlooked or not understood.

  • Send announcements to specific employees through roles
  • Display text, videos, pdfs, excel, word, powerpoint
  • Create as many quizzes as you would like
  • The system keeps track of who has seen/completed each announcement, and who has not

What should the new side room fridge be used for?

  • Toppings for the product
  • Employee Lunches
  • Refuse & expired product only
  • Only non-food materials

How do Jolt Announcements work?

With Jolt, you simply create an announcement and select which roles you would like to receive the information. Then, once an employee in that role clocks in, he or she will automatically be presented with that information. You will see a report indicating which of your employees have seen the information, when they completed the associated quiz, and how many attempts they required.

Jolt Announcement or memo list of readers with view times

Uses for Jolt Announcements:

The Announcements can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Here are just a few examples:

  • New company policies
  • Changes to procedures
  • Recipe changes
  • New products
  • New employee bios
  • Upcoming events
Jolt Announcement or memo status of readers with view times

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