What is Jolt Task Management & Checklists?

Jolt includes an automated system for displaying tasks to your employees. These tasks are presented in a way that is easy for employees to understand. This allows you to prescribe exactly how you want your operation to run--and gives you instant feedback when things aren’t done according to your plan.

Jolt Checklist with different items

Jolt’s way is your way

Jolt is extremely customizable.

  • Use your existing lists of tasks in a more efficient way
  • Receive text and email notifications for overdue, out of range, and incomplete tasks
  • View employee performance from anywhere, anytime
  • Graphs are automatically generated for you to track critical tasks or values
Jolt email and text alerts for checklist results

How does Jolt work?

Jolt gives you the ability to ensure that your employees are addressing critical elements of your business.

  • Create your checklists with over 18 different item types
  • Decide when tasks appear and when they are due
  • Automatically award and track employees points based on task completion
  • Easily attach training videos or documents to any task for employee reference while completing the specific task
Jolt Various item types used in checklists

Uses for Task Management & Checklists

The task management & checklists can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Here are just a few examples:

  • Opening & Closing Checklists
  • Travel Path
  • Manager Walk-thru
  • Daily & Weekly Cleaning
  • Roller Coaster Safety Checklist
  • CLIA Compliance Checklist
  • Temperature & Food Safety Logs
  • Hand Washing
  • Pre-Flight Checklist

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