Dear Deskless Worker,

We wanted to share a little bit about Jolt with you:

Our Story

It was New Year’s Eve 2010. Josh Bird, owner of a Baskin Robbins franchise, was on the roof of his store with a broken freezer unit. Several miles away, his family was at a New Year’s Eve party—the same party Josh was at (and now missing) when he received a call letting him know his walk in freezer wasn’t working and all of his ice cream was melting.

This experience was the tipping point in a long series of events that made Josh realize something had to be done. He needed a solution that would allow him and his employees to love their work and live their life. However, after a fruitless search, he realized no such solution existed. There was a problem, and no one was willing to fix it. So, in a fashion that typifies how we do things at Jolt, Josh decided to fix it himself.

Our Mission

Empower everyone to love their work and live their life.

When we say “everyone,” we mean everyone—owners, managers, and employees. Today’s organizations suffer from a passive acceptance that employees will forever be at odds with management, that good managers are hard to come by, and that owners can’t take a vacation. We refuse to accept the status quo. We firmly believe that people should be able to love their work and live their life, and we are on a mission to make that happen.

Our Vision

Total and Obvious Domination for Deskless Workers (TODD)

Deskless workers are the largest group of workers in the world. However, before Jolt, there was no champion technology company to support them. Every day, we strive to deliver a software platform that aligns organizations and helps deskless workers succeed in their work, while ensuring they still have time and energy to live their lives. Our vision is to continue to do this better than anyone ever has or ever will.

Our Values

“It’s like you’ve been in my head for the last 5 years” - Jason, KY Shroomers

Jolt was born from the experience of running a Baskin Robbins franchise, so we understand the deskless work experience. We share your values. These values have permeated our company and our product and are the reason we are able to serve you so well.


“Your customer service is terrific and you obviously have a goal to keep your customers happy and satisfied.” - Caprinia, Culver’s

Whether we are on a sales call, working through a support issue, or developing the product, we want to be known best for how well we take care of you, our customer. In this sense, every department at Jolt is “Customer Service.” Every day and in everything we do, we ask ourselves what more can we do to show you we care.


“The thing I love about Jolt is when you say you are going to do something, you actually do it...that's unheard of!” - Kory, Pizza Pie Cafe

We believe anything worth doing is worth doing right, and when we say we are going to do something, we actually do it. Doing things the right way is not always easy, but it results in a better product and happier customers. There are no shortcuts on the road to greatness.


"I don't have to worry about things not getting done" - Jason, Subway

We have an ambitious vision of building a single platform that provides all of the services a deskless worker needs. It’s tempting to try and tackle everything we want to accomplish at the same time. However, we believe the only way of accomplishing anything of great significance is by consistently applying a simple process:

1. Prioritize all of the work we could be doing.

2. Focus on the top priority.

3. Finish what we start, and avoid starting anything new until we have finished.

4. Repeat.


“I knew from day one that this is a really great product. This is the type of product that every business needs.” - Jon, Urban Eats Cafe

We never have and never will force you into a contract. We believe that true value should stand on its own, without coercion. Instead, we are determined to build a product that wins through merit alone. We want your business, not because of a contract, but because you love Jolt as much as we do. Building a product that wins through merit requires discipline, hard work, and sheer grit--and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


“Why would you do all of this for so little? Everyone else charges through the nose. How do you make money?” - Craig, Fresh to Order

We are not out to break your bank so we can fill ours. In order to keep our prices low, we internally operate as efficiently and frugally as possible. Accomplishing more with less requires resourcefulness, creativity, and discipline, but it allows us to make our platform accessible to more people.


“It makes a lot of sense that the founder was a small business owner...” - Jason, Ohana Medical Group

Like most deskless workers, it’s not unusual to see our founder and CEO, Josh Bird, jumping in and getting his hands dirty. One moment he’s in a business meeting, and the next thing you know, he’s digging out the guts of a toilet. What both he and you teach us so well is the importance of staying grounded, never being above anyone or any task, and adapting to whatever comes our way. We place the success of our mission above our personal ego or financial gain.


“We value the culture we are trying to create at SoYo, and Jolt helps us achieve this, as it allows the staff to be independent, aware of what needs to be done and when, and builds confidence and trust.” - Cathy, Soyo

One of the biggest problems between employees and management occurs when expectations are not well understood. Without properly communicated expectations, even good employees will flounder, and the best of managers will find themselves unable to let their employees work independently. Core to our platform is the principle of helping everyone stay in sync. Products like Lists and Information Library disseminate expectations in real time. Our reporting and notification features foster accountability and provide recognition to top performers. In this way, we heal the relationship between management and employees, build confidence and trust, and ultimately help both groups love their work and live their life.

Here's to you, deskless workers!



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