My employee productivity has skyrocketed. Not only has Jolt saved my managers over two hours of work every day, but I have seen a direct increase in my profitability per store.

-- Garrett (Buffalo Wild Wings - Franchisee)

Tasks & Checklists

Everything your operations need to do

  • Appear automatically based on a schedule
  • Build your list with 18 different item types
  • Receive critical alerts through text and email
Jolt Checklist with various item options

Date Code Labeling

Fast, easy, and inexpensive

  • Customizable and centralized
  • Manage all your locations in one place
  • Inexpensive hardware and labels
Jolt date code food safety label printing using brother printer

Employee Scheduling

Visualize who's working and how much it costs

  • Copy & paste individual shifts, days, or weeks
  • Notify everyone with text and email
  • Approve time off requests, shift trades, and availability
Jolt scheduling interface with drag-and-drop interface

Forms & Inspections

All the paperwork your operations need to complete

  • Generate scores based on results
  • Document issues with photos embeded into the forms
  • Receive critical alerts through text and email
Jolt Forms, inspections, and audits with various item options

Information Library

Distribute to ALL your locations with one click

  • Role based Access
  • Multiple document & video types
  • Eliminate printing and distribution costs
Jolt information library with job aids, recipes, equipment manuals, at employee's fingertips

Time & Attendance

Eliminate fraudulent punching

  • Flag or prevent punches outside of the schedule
  • Attach a photo and location to each punch
  • Automatically submit and flag forgotten punches
Jolt time clock with face detection and GPS or location recording

Message Blast

Get the word out

  • Text and email everybody
  • Message based on role or location
  • Keep an audit of all messages
Jolt date code food safety label printing using brother printer

Employee Announcements

Inform and quiz everyone in seconds

  • Explain new procedures through video or other document types
  • Certify your crew with quizzes on clock in
  • View a readers report of who has seen which announcement

What should the new side room fridge be used for?

  • Toppings for the product
  • Employee Lunches
  • Refuse & expired product only
  • Only non-food materials

Logbook & Journal

Centralize important communication

  • See who has read which entries
  • Visualize issues with pictures and video
  • Flag, resolve, and comment on issues
Jolt logbook with comments

Sensors beta

Simple, remote monitoring of all your equipment

  • Constant monitoring, automatically, all the time
  • Set up custom scenarios to be alerted how and when you want
  • Prevent unexpected costs due to inventory waste
Jolt sensor scenarios setup screenshot

Everything included for:

$8999 per month*
per location
Jolt is a franchise in a box that allows you to quickly add new locations to your brand

Grow your business

With Jolt, you're ready to expand

  • Adding another location is a breeze.
  • Manage all your locations at once
  • Customize content for individual locations
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Jolt: A revolutionary way to manage

Stop taping checklists to the wall and logging temperatures into massive binders—it’s time for an operational upgrade.

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Jolt manages your employees
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Additional benefits

  • Create consistency throughout your entire organization
  • Eliminate material distribution costs and printing expenses
  • Employees can access information they need to complete their tasks
  • Employees easily view relevant information from anywhere
  • Outdated information can be removed at the click of a button
  • Instantly know when a recorded value is over-due or out-of-range
  • Update and implement changes in your entire organization with one click
  • Create real employee accountability through reports and metrics
  • Determine who your star players are at any time

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